Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What's the deal with double gussets?

What is it?
Double gussets are often a prized feature in the cloth diaper world. Double gussets are an additional row of elastic at the leg of the diaper that offer an extra layer of protection to help contain messes.  Sometimes the double gussets are internal and made of the same material as the lining of the diaper, while other double gussets use the same material as the outside or cover of the diaper and are finished the same way as the outside leg elastic.

Rumparooz internal double gussets (inner row of elastic)

Blissful Booty internal double gussets (the inner row of elastic)

BestBottoms double gussets (the two rows of white elastic at the legs), closed diaper.
BestBottoms double gussets, front view
Thirsties pocket diaper double gussets

 Open Thirsties pocket diaper with double gussets,
showing how gussets are separate from the lining.
Thirsties cover double gussets

What brands of diapers come with double gussets?
Thirsties covers and pockets diapers
Rumparooz covers and diapers
BestBottoms covers
Blissful Booty diapers
Alva diapers (some)
Bummis covers - Super Brite only
Prowraps covers
Blueberry covers (not diapers)
Weehuggers covers
Capri covers


  1. I've been doing a little research, and just wanted to commend you on a great list of double gussets! I only have one to add to your list (no personal experience with it yet myself) The GoGreen Champ 2.0

  2. Tiny Tush diapers also have double leg gussets!

  3. The Organic Caboose One-Size Diaper and Cover In-One also has gussets. Just ordered it to try it out with my 4-week-old.

  4. FunkyFluff have the double gussets too!

  5. ok I did not like the diapers with double gussets. It seemed as though my baby had too much between her little legs and less room to move when she moved. Those made it harder for her to crawl and walk with because of the excess bulk around her legs. I went back to the regular ones with only one gusset.

  6. Glow Bug also has this feature.

  7. Just Simply Baby also has this function on their cloth diapers. http://www.justsimplybaby.com/?Click=1858 (the link offers 10% refund to new customers. It shows up as a refund after they confirm you are indeed new). Love them!! =]

  8. While it works for others, I find that double gusset irritate my son's behind. I can understand it, as there is some bulk in there. I also find it hard to clean , when the poops is messy, dirt goes in those little space where the extra gussets are . Personally I prefer a well fitted diaper for my baby without those extra gussets.

  9. I realize this post is old but has anyone ever found a hybrid fitted with double gussets? Tia

  10. Well it seems that “double gussets” is a positive feature of cloth diaper brands as per your words, but I am some obscure about the convenience of the baby while wearing it. I think baby may not feel comfortable under it. What do you say?

  11. I personally do not like double gussets. My son cannot move around in them. They are the last diaper I use

  12. If you are buying for a newborn it seems the double gusset maybe beneficial. However if your baby is older than say 6-7 months the yes the double gusset would make it harder for an older baby who has mobility