How to make a prefold
Trimming prefolds

How to make a fitted
Easy one-size fitted
Newborn Fitted
Turning a prefold into a fitted diaper

Make your own pocket diaper
How to sew a pocket diaper
One-size Pocket diaper

Detailed AI2 instructions

All-in-one with hidden PUL layer  

Cloth Revolution diaper pattern  (pocket, AIO, or AI2, super detailed and great instructions!)
List of DIY sewing links
Sew your own diaper resources (fabrics, variety of patterns, etc)
Little Starter Cloth Pattern (adjustable for AIO, fitted, etc - paid)
XXS diaper pattern for tiny babies and preemies (based on Little Starter above)
Nappy Network patterns (large variety of patterns)
VeryBaby patterns (paid, can be used for any type of diaper)
Rita's Rump patterns (pocket, AIO, cover, contour)
Darling Diaper (AIO, AI2, fitted, pockets - paid)

Misc Info
Side snapping instructions
Extra soaker pattern

Diaper Sewing Supplies
Celtic Cloth Wholesale
Snaps and snap press/pliers

How much do I need?
Ravelry patterns (free signup, free and paid patterns)
Recycled wool sweater soaker instructions
Recycled wool sweater soaker instructions (awesomely detailed!)
Recycled wool or fleece longie instructions
Interlock (or recyled) wool or fleece longies 
Knitted wool soaker instructions
Multiple soaker patterns
How to lanolize wool

How to make CD-safe laundry detergent
Making your own wipes
More making your own wipes!
How to make wipe solution
How to fold wipes so they "pop up" like disposables
Make your own diaper sprayer (written instructions)
Make your own diaper sprayer (YouTube video instructions)
Make your own wool dryer balls