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Review : CJ's BUTTer

A few weeks ago, the folks at CJ's BUTTer sent me a message to see if I'd be interested in reviewing some of their products. I don't do a lot of reviews and turn quite a few requests down, but for CJ's I made an exception, because it was already a product I use daily and I knew I could give them a wholehearted recommendation.

We got the package and they were so generous with their samples - and then made even more fun when I got to play "Match the Scents to the Name" when my 2-year-old decided to "help" and opened all of the containers.  Let's note here that I'm not the only fan of CJ's - her first exclamation upon opening one of them and smelling it was "YUM!"  I've also come into her room before to find her absolutely covered head-to-toe in CJ's, so I highly recommend putting it where your kid can't reach it (or remembering to put it away if you normally keep it high up...or finding a new place if you discover your child can scale the dresser and climb on top of it to reach all the fun things up there...ahem).

Since she was born I've regularly used three of the products: the classic CJ's BUTTer, both in stick and tub form, and the CJ's PLUS formula (liquid spritz version) for any rare yeast outbreaks.*  With the samples that they sent, I was able to also try out their lotion, lip balm, vegan formula, and cream version of the PLUS well as a couple new-to-me scents!

*Note - I've heard anecdotal stories that some kids are sensitive to the oils found in the PLUS formula, so you may want to test it before using it, and use it only in times of yeast rash and not daily. We never had any issues with it.

We use the original BUTTer in both stick and tub/tube form almost every diaper change, and especially if she seems to be getting a little red, which is rare. The BUTTer creates a barrier that keeps in the natural moisture of the skin and keeps out the irritating urine and poop, which helps keep the skin soft and clear.  We really slather it on at nighttime, when she's most prone to waking up red. I can definitely see a difference if I go a few days without using it. It's also great for chapped cheeks and chin - whether from cold wind or from a drooly, teething baby (she lived with a shiny face for a while when I was slathering it all over the bottom half of her mouth).  I've used it on dry patches of my own skin as well. Neither Carys nor I have eczema, but I know a couple people who have used it on outbreaks with good success.  As far as stick versus tube versus tub, it's just personal preference. I like the stick for the diaper bag and the tub or tub at the changing table.  Obviously, the stick is a solid version and the tub and tube are both creamier versions. Because of that, I like using the BUTTer from the tub/tube at nighttime since I can really slather it on.  Verdict: LOVE. Use daily.

Slightly different consistency/color than the original cream formula, but otherwise no difference that I could see! Worked great.


She didn't have a yeast outbreak while we were trying out the samples, so I didn't get a chance to use the solid form of the PLUS formula in time for this review, but I've used the PLUS Spritz before. I try to always have a bottle on hand to start using at the first sign of yeast, and 90% of the time that's as far as I need to go and it will clear up before it really turns into an outbreak or rash (after a couple outbreaks I learned to identify the telltale dots early!). The smell is....well, not pleasant, but not awful. It smells kind of medicinal - it's the neem and sesame oils. As I said earlier, I do know a couple people who have babies who have shown a sensitivity to it, so you may want to test it first, but limiting use of it to times of need (i.e. when there is an actual yeast rash) rather than using it daily helps with that if you do find a sensitivity.  Verdict: Use when/if needed; works well to clear up early yeast rashes. More severe outbreaks may need prescription medicine.

So I'm pregnant and I've been using the lotion on my stomach and I haven't gotten any stretch marks. MIRACLE WORKER! No, just kidding - I know they're genetic and I didn't get any (much) the first time around either. But the lotion is heavenly for the itchy pregnancy belly. I love it - it's soft and not greasy and the scents aren't too overpowering.  It's more light/fluffy than dense, if that makes sense. Verdict: New fan! Love it!

The lip balm was great. It's slightly greasier than commercial lip balms, but that's the nature of homemade products that aren't mass-produced and full of preservatives and artificial ingredients. Because it is homemade, it can melt at high temps (as can any of the CJ's products), but if that happens, their customer service is happy to help you re-solidify it. There was no taste and a nice light scent. Verdict: I like it! It's not my favorite lip balm ever but I definitely use it and like it.

Whenever CJ's comes up in conversation or on a forum, people always ask what scents they should get. The answer? ALL OF THE SCENTS.  Honestly, I haven't tried them all, but there hasn't been one yet that I didn't enjoy. And they're not overpowering, sickly sweet scents. They're strong enough to smell, but they don't linger in an obnoxious way.

That said, I've now tried:

Essential Oils/EO Blends
- Mango, Sugar, and Mint (light and refreshing)
- Lemon Grove (pretty strong - reminds me of floor cleaner, but nice)
- Sweet Orange (sweet and refreshing)
(I really want to try Narwhals and Unicorns, because NAME!)

- Blueberry Crumble (strong blueberry/cake smell, makes me want a muffin!)
- Love Spell (very light and sweet)
- Lullaby (very light and sweet)
- Monkey Farts (strong banana smell!)
- My Pixie Pie (light and sweet, a fave of mine)
- Oatmeal, Milk, Honey (very subtle scent, a fave of mine)
- Pink Sugar (light and sweet, a fave of mine)
- Warm Vanilla Cake (FAVE!)
- Unscented (duh)

Descriptions of each of the scents can be found on their site here (scroll down a bit). There isn't one I wouldn't recommend and there are quite a few I want to try. (Hint: Can't decide? Do a sample pack! That's how I got to sample so many scents way back when Carys was a baby [on my own dime!]).

Check back next week (planning on Monday but don't hold me to that!) for a CJ's giveaway - a tube of their CJ's BUTTer in one of their most popular scents!