Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Welcome Back Giveaway : Heavy Doody Wetbag

As the cloth diaper turns....or something like that. Pretty much all of May was taken up with preparation for my sister's wedding and my sister's wedding (yes, my daughter wore a cloth diaper that matched her beautiful Zara dress!), and now June is running away with me in preparation for my daughter's first birthday! Lots of posts in the works - just need to find time to actually FINISH them!

In the meantime, who is up for a GIVEAWAY?   Today I'm very pleased to offer a Heavy Doody medium wetbag in this fantastic bird print! (For you cloth diaper beginners, a wetbag is one way to store dirty diapers until it's time to wash them.)

How gorgeous is that? And such a great, cheery print that would work for almost any decor!

Mary R. is the mama behind Heavy Doody, and she started Heavy Doody a short time ago after struggling to find an affordable wetbag that she really liked.

I have a Heavy Doody wetbag that I use in the kitchen for dirty towels and bibs (because I sadly learned about Heavy Doody after I already had purchased my beloved Rumparooz wetbags and my not-so-beloved PlanetWise wetbags).   Mary's quality is second to none, and she uses a nice, thick, heavy duty PUL as a liner.  I haven't thrown any sopping wet diapers in mine since I use it mostly in the kitchen, but I've stuffed it full of wet kitchen rags and had no leaks!  Besides dirty rags and dirty diapers, you could also use it for wet swim suits, at the beach to keep things dry, for dirty clothes while camping, or a hundred other things!

Wetbags are really useful and really versatile, and while you can certainly cloth diaper without one, you wouldn't want to after you've used one for a little bit!


This picture shows the HUGE amount of stuff that you can fit into one of these medium wetbags:

That's four diapers, eight inserts, three bibs, four wipes, two burp cloths, a shirt, a onesie, and pants.

 Be sure to visit Mary's shop, Heavy Doody, over on Etsy!  I am absolutely head over heels in love with the "Tree Rings" print and am trying to convince myself that I don't need it.

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