NOTE: The listing of any retailer does not constitute endorsement of their store or products.

"Big Box" Retailers 
Though the store itself may be large or run by just one person, these retailers sell more than one brand of diaper along with accessories including inserts, covers, wipes, wetbags, laundry supplies, and more. Almost all sell all of the "big name" diapers (BumGenius, Thirsties, Flip, GroVia, Happy Heiny, Kissaluvs, etc.)
Abby's Lane (always free shipping!)
All About Baby Boutique (strange but true - search for "cloth diapers"!)
Banana Peels
Bippy Diapers
Bouncing Babies (*Canadian* - this is about the only place you can find Goodmama Goodnights and regular GMs in stock)
CottonBabies (always free shipping!)
Cutie Poops and Bottoms 
Diapers, Etc.
Diaper Junction
Green Mountain Diapers
Jack Be Natural (always free shipping!)
Jillian's Drawers
Kelly's Closet
Kissed by the Moon (always free shipping!)
Modern Cloth Diapers
Nicki's Diapers
Sweet Bottoms Baby Boutique (always free shipping to US!)
Top to Bottom Baby Boutique
Wee Little Changes (always free shipping to US!) 

Branded Diaper Retailers
These retailers sell their brand only and are "bigger name" than the WAHM group, but perhaps not as big as names like BumGenius, etc. These brands are often not as readily available at the "big box" retailers.
Blissful Booty - AIO diapers
Blueberry - AIO and pocket diapers
Kanga Care - AIO and pocket diapers (Rumparooz and Lil Joeys - generally available at "big box" retailers)
Kushies - AIO, fitted, prefolds, and flats
Oh, Katy - pocket diapers
Sloomb/Sustainable Babish - fitted diapers and wool covers
Sunbaby - pocket diapers
Swaddlebees - AIO and fitted diapers
Rockin' Green - CD safe laundry detergent
CJ's BUTTer - CD safe diaper cream (hint: check out their sampler pack to try all the scents!)

WAHM, Etsy and Hyena Cart Shops
Support small businesses! Note some (indicated with an asterisk) may not always have inventory and stock on specific days of the week (example: Twinkie Tush). For more information on purchasing from these retailers, click here. Wondering when these retailers stock? Click here for a calender!
3 Monkey Cloth Diapers - pockets
Bagshot Row Bamboo* (aka BSRB) - fitteds and AIOs
BuBuBeBe* (aka B4) - fitteds
Doodle Dypes* - fitteds and AI2s
Eli Monster - fitteds, AIOs, wetbags, and covers
Goodmama* - fitteds; stocks every Friday

Graham Bear Wear - fitteds and hybrid fitteds
Green Bean Diapers - pockets and covers
Guerilla Fluff - fitteds, AI2s, and covers
Le Petite Owl - fitteds, also wool covers 
Mamamade (at Etsy) - fitteds and AI2s
Mamamade* (at Hyena Cart) - fitteds and AI2s
Max and Meena - AI2s
Monkey Snuggles* - fitteds
Muttiqans - fitteds and AI0s
Orange Diaper Co* - fitteds
Piddle Poddles - fitteds and AI2s
Sproutling Love (formerly Green Sprout Baby) - fitteds and wool covers
Star Baby Designs (aka SBD) - fitteds and AI2s
Sticky Peas - fitteds
Sugar Plum Baby - fitteds
Tangerine Baby* - fitteds
Twinkie Tush* (aka TT) - fitteds and wool covers

Baby Snickerdoodles - upcycled wool covers
Bella Rose - wool skirties 
Cloth Diaper Club - upcycled and knit wool covers
Gen Y - PUL covers
Grandma Gift - knitted wool covers
1AndOnly Woolies - custom knitted wool
Just 2 Cute - upcycled wool covers
Lambie Love - upcycled wool covers
Little Friends by Sarah - wool covers
Monkey Snuggles - knitted wool covers
My Eco Baby - upcycled wool covers
The Pampered Tush - training pants and wool covers
Rainbow Waters - interlock wool covers
Small Wonder Woolies - upcycled/interlock wool covers
Sweet Violet's Mama - wool and PUL covers
Sweetie Bird Designs - interlock wool footies
Three Happy Trees - upcycled wool covers
Wild Coconut Wear (formerly Wild Child Woolies) - (at Etsy) - interlock wool covers
Wild Coconut Wear (formerly Wild Child Woolies) - (at Big Cartel) - interlock wool covers
WoollyBottoms - (at Big Cartel) - interlock and upcycled wool covers
WoollyBottoms - (at Etsy) - interlock and upcycled wool covers
Zookies - PUL covers

Clean Sypria - wool dryer balls
Sweet Bobbins - wipes, wetbags, and more

Used Diapers
Buy used to save some money!
Cloth Diaper Swap
Cotton Babies - not always stocked, but great deals when available; high quality assurance.  
Diaper Junction - certified pre-owned, so quality tested/approved.
Diaper Swappers
Jillian's Drawers
Nicki's Diapers 
Spot's Corner
Swap Spot
Top to Bottom Baby Boutique

Deal Sites
These sites offer daily deals that sometimes relate to cloth diapering. 
Baby Half Off
Baby Steals
Eco Baby Buys
Mama Bargains

Diaper Trials 
These sites give you the opportunity to try a variety of diapers before committing to purchasing. 
Cutie Poops and Bottoms - full ($150) or mini ($115) with $15 non-refundable
Diaper Daisy - $139.95 with $19.95 non-refundable; custom trial available as well
Diaper Junction - individual diapers starting at $15, returnable within 30 days for full refund
Earth Angels Diapers - try one at a time ($19.95) or three at a time ($54.95)
Jillian's Drawers - regular ($160) or newborn ($155) with $10 non-refundable
Kelly's Closet - certain brands eligible for 30 day full refund 
Modern Cloth Diapers - regular ($174), newborn ($185), or custom (starts at $40) with $10 non-refundable
Mom's Milk Boutique - $135 with $20 non-refundable
Sew Crafty Baby - build your own trial
Top to Bottom Baby Boutique - $275 with $25 non-refundable; newborn and preemie rental packages also available

Diaper Sewing Supplies