Friday, March 11, 2011

What's the Deal with Goodmama?

**UPDATE** Interestingly enough, much of the "luster" has gone out of this brand. They aren't nearly as collectible and aren't getting the same resale value as they once were. Other brands have taken their place, so the information is still relevant, but you're not nearly as likely to hear about Goodmamas any more. 

This is a question that gets asked ALL the time. They're expensive fitted diapers that require a cover to cover up all those cute prints, right? Well, pretty much. But it's a little more complicated than that.

Thanks so much to pixy_stix for putting together this "Guide to Goodmama"!

NOTE: This is specifically for Goodmama, but most can be applicable to any other "stalked" diaper or product as well. 

Are they really that great?
They're ok. GMs fit some babies better than others, some people like the quality better than others, there's a competitive buy/sell/trade market for them, and all put together that's why there's a craze for them. [That is, just like any other diaper, some people swear by them, some people are "eh" about them, and some people dislike them!]

Other fitteds work just as well, they're just not as popular.

They're fitteds? Why are you buying cute prints if you're going to cover them up? (Several answers!)
Yes, they're fitteds and you will need a cover. However, some people like to let their babies run around coverless to let the butt breathe. Others liken it to the reason why we buy pretty underwear, because we like to.

We use fitteds because they are breathable & absorbent! It doesn't matter if they have prints (like GMs) or if they don't (like the sbish) we would still use fitteds either way. The prints are just fun for me. Also, I figure DD will like them once she gets older - just like my step son likes to wear batman & toy story undies rather than plain white. That's my reasoning for the cute designs! :)

Why are GM fitteds more expensive than other diapers?
Fitteds in general are made entirely of natural fibers, which are more expensive than synthetic fibers. They are also hand made by WAHMs making fair wages. So time and labor are factored into the price. The prices of GMs are higher than other brands because of the high demand for them.

How can you justify spending so much on one diaper?!
Goodmamas (currently) have a high resale value.

How do I know the name of previous prints? How do you guys come up with print names for your GM ISO lists?

When does Goodmama stock?
She stocks every Friday. It’s usually around 11am Mountain time, but not always.

Where does the stocking take place?

Where and when are the previews?
Previews usually happen every Thursday, but not always. They can be found here:

How do I get one on stocking day?
* Go to the website ( and set up an account.
* Before stocking starts, make sure you are logged in to your account.
* Go to the 'diapers' page.
* Use your F5 key or 'refresh' icon on your browser to keep updating the available dipes until the one you want shows with 'add to cart'
* Once added to your cart, check out as fast as you can if paying via credit card or at least get to paypal so it does not get taken from your cart on the goodmama site.

Do I have to check out right away?
Yes. Very very quickly. The diaper is not yours until you have finished paying. If you leave it in your cart and someone else pays before you, you will loose it.

Do I have to pay separate shipping for each?
Yep. There are several cotton velours stocked on the page already. If you want some of those, load up your cart with them first and then when the print you want comes up, check out immediately.

How does it work when one person stalks for another person? Why do people do that?
GMs sell out in literally seconds, and people who have faster internet connections have better luck scoring them. Also, GM stalking happens somewhat unannounced, and sometimes a person has a thing or two to do on a Friday and can't sit around on their computer hitting refresh for hours on end. For these reasons, sometimes, one person will pitch in and stalk for another.

Check out this post for more information on stalking. 

If I have someone stalk for me can gm ship it directly to me? Or does it have to go to the other person first?
Goodmama cannot change shipping addresses. There are a lot of people stalking for eachother. If they let address changes happen, it would be a logistical nightmare. For this reason, you will have to have the mama who stalked for you ship the diaper to you when they recieve it. Be prepared to pay extra to cover the shipping to you and paypal fees so that your "stalker" isn't out money.

How long does it take to get my Goodmama?
4-6 weeks from stocking date. Some “stragglers” (already made diapers from previous stockings) can ship earlier than 4-6 weeks.


  1. I absolutetly loved these diapers...until I had the elastics completely go on five random diapers, all under six months old. For reference, i've owned around fifty goodmama's up until this point and never once had such a problem. When I contacted costumer service, which was a nightmare, mind you, I was told my options were spend more money to send them to a third party to be fixed or fix it myself. Or, ya know, I could always just sell them and make back maybe $10 of the over $35 I spent on each one. Even after explaining that I had spend hundreds of dollars on their products and that I would be happy to put my second child from birth to potty training through goodmama diapers, I was still told too bad. Honestly, I find it just appalling. And based on that, I really wouldnt recommend these diapers.

  2. Goodmama does not fix elastics. They can go bad due to peoples washing methods, what they use to wash them in, how often they are worn, how long left in a wetbag, and many other factors. If they started replacing elastics they wouldn't have time to make diapers. No company that I know if replaces elastics. Not Bum Genius, LFP, BSRB, SBISH. I don't think goodmama not fixing elastic is a reason to stop using or advise against the product.

    1. Maybe but I believe any product like this almost no matter how you treated it should never have relative go out in 6 months. That's just unacceptable.