Monday, March 28, 2011

How many diapers do I need?

Here's a great article on the number of diapers you need for each diapering age:

How many diapers do I need?

Below is a helpful chart that they created - but note that their estimates are on the low end. For example, a newborn goes through about 12 diaper changes a day, so you would want a minimum of 12 diapers to do laundry daily, and more like 14 or 16 to be safe. I'd use the maximum that they list (i.e. 12 for the newborn daily washing) as the minimum number to get, rather than the high end number. How many is too many? can never have too many!

Age Daily Wash Every 2 Days Every 3 Days
Up to 6 mos 10-12 20-24 30-36
6-12 mos 8-10 16-20 24-30
12-24 mos 6-8 12-16 18-24
Potty Learning 2-4 4-8 6-12

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  1. When I first started @ 1 month old, I had a rental of 30 diapers +3 of my own. I had to do laundry every other day to have some buffer! I guess my boy is just very well hydrated, because he is a super soaker still! It's always nice to have prefolds as buffer, even if they aren't the primary diaper you use.