Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Cloth Diaper Finder

Trying to figure out what diaper brand and type you should try?  Looking for a diaper that meets your very specific needs?

For want a diaper that is one-size, pocket, with snap closure, PUL outer, that's made in the USA? Now there's an easy way to find it! Enter your requirements into The Cloth Diaper Finder created by Dirty Diaper Laundry, and it will spit out a result! For those search parameters, the results are BabyKicks, Knickernappies, and Icredibella [I've never even heard of Incredibella...yet another diaper to look into!].

A one-size pocket under 13 bucks? Kawaii!

A newborn all-in-one with aplix? bumGenius or Smartipants!

It's not perfect yet: for instance, I put in dual-size pocket with aplix made in the USA, and got no results, but I thought Thirsties met those requirements. However, when I dug deeper I found out it's because they have Thirsties classified as a "sleeve" diaper versus a pocket diaper.   So you may want to try your search a few different ways to ensure that you're finding everything that meets your needs.

It looks like they are searching a database of 136 diapers and growing!  It's really fun to play around with.

UPDATE: They now have user reviews as well!
UPDATE 2: They simplified their categories, so Thirsties is now listed as a pocket.

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