Friday, March 11, 2011

Stalking a Goodmama Diaper

Having someone on the board stalk a Goodmama diaper for you (or a Twinkie Tush or any other number of popular brands) is a popular sport - and it really is a sport!

Thanks to pixy_stix for putting together these guidelines about stalking for another person:

If you have someone stalking for you, a few rules:
  1. Even if you change your mind and don't want that diaper, you still have to pay for it if you asked people to stalk for you.  If you end up with 4, you have to pay for 4 and find homes for them on your own.
  2. Please pay promptly.  I try to get tallies to everyone immediately after stocking ends.
  3. Remember to add shipping + paypal fees when paying your stalker. (heh, that sounds funny)  I charge a flat $5 that tends to cover all costs.
  4. Before stocking, work out with your stalker on how the item will be shipped (to the stalker first, change the address to you, etc.).  Keep in mind that Goodmama will not change the address, so the diaper *has* to be shipped to the stalker first.

Need help scoring a Goodmama diaper for yourself or someone else? Check out the tips for stalking here (a few questions down the page).

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