Saturday, January 1, 2011

35 Weeks of Cloth : The Diapers

We've been cloth diapering now for over eight months - since the day she came home from the hospital (I wanted to do it in the hospital, but my newborn stash wasn't big enough to last four days). I've been doing weekly pictures with her since the beginning and today realized that means I've captured 35 diapers - not 35 different diapers, since I don't specifically try to avoid using ones I've used before, but 35 diapers over 35 weeks nonetheless.

As requested, here's a list of what diapers are used (there are six pics per row, FYI):

Row 1:

1: Blissful Booty sized AIO
2: bumGenius sized AIO*
3: bumGenius sized AIO
4: Bummis NB Super Whisper Wrap (not sure what's under)
5: bumGenius sized AIO
6: Rumparooz NB cover (not sure what's under)

Row 2:
7: bumGenius sized AIO
8: bumGenius Elemental (one-size)
9: bumGenius sized AIO
10: ????
11: bumGenius sized AIO
12: bumGenius sized AIO

Row 3:
13: Not positive. Might be a Blueberry pocket (one-size)...
14: FuzziBunz Perfect Size pocket

15: CPB AIO (one-size)
16: Rumparooz NB cover
17: FuzziBunz Perfect Size pocket
18: Alva pocket (one-size)

Row 4:
19: Happy Heiny pocket (one-size)
20: bumGenius Elemenal (one-size)
21: bumGenius Elemenal (one-size)
22: Rumparooz pocket (one-size)
23: FuzziBunz Perfect size pocket
24: BeBe Britches AI2* (one-size)

Row 5:
25: bumGenius Freetime (one-size)
26: Sunbaby pocket (one-size)
27: AppleCheecks pocket
28: AppleCheeks pocket
29: AMP pocket (one-size)
30: MamaMade AI2 (one-size)

Row 6:
31: bumGenius sized AIO
32: GroVia AIO (one-size)
33: AppleCheeks pocket
34: CPB AIO (one-size)
35: GroVia AIO (one-size)

*bumGenius AIOs and BeBeBritches are discontinued. BG AIOs are occasionally available through CottonBabies sales.

It's interesting to note that these don't necessarily reflect my favorite diapers or even the ones I use most often. bumGenius Elementals only are on there three times, and GroVia AIOs only twice, but those are two of my favorites.  I tend to pick bright colors (though there are plenty of light and white colors represented also). The FuzziBunz Perfect Size is the same size of diaper throughout. It didn't start fitting until she was a few months old, but it definitely lasted a long time. The bumGenius sized diapers range from XS to M.

Let me know if you have any more questions!

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