Thursday, September 1, 2011

Eww! Diaper Stains!

Let me put this out there first:

Poop stains.

GASP! What??

Yes, it's true. Your diapers will get stained at some point. You can minimize this with a good wash routine, and some diapers stain less than others. For example, microfleece and suedeclothe hardly stain at all.  However, most fitteds and natural fiber diapers? They will stain up the wazoo.  Do you have to worry about stains? Not really. The diapers are still clean, even if they stain. It's much like if you wash spaghetti sauce in a Tupperware container and it gets tinted orange. Still clean, just stained.  But many (probably most) people would rather use diapers that LOOK clean as well as ARE clean.

So what do you do?  The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind....

...not really. But it does involve the great outdoors.  For stains, the best thing is...SUN.

Here's a progression of diapers on a line.

Some lovely bright yellow breastfeed poop stains will be our test subjects:

After just FIVE minutes in the sun:

 After twenty minutes, they are nearly completely gone:

And after half an hour, they are completely gone!



  1. Will putting the diapers out in the sun work even if the stain has been there quite some time?

  2. Yep! It works. A wet diaper in full sunlight works best, but a dry diaper will fade also, as will sun through a window or clouds.

  3. unfortunately this stops working as well once baby is not exclusively breast fed. my diapers were spotless from this amazing trick until we introduced solids!