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Cloth Diaper Battle Royale : Snaps versus Aplix

Snapping diapers versus aplix/velcro/touch tape diapers. This is a question as old as time...or at least as old as modern cloth diapers.

Which do you choose? Which SHOULD you choose? Is one better?

The answer: it's your choice. No, really! As with much of cloth diapering, there's no one right answer, and the one you should get is based on which one works best for you and your baby. And in the end, many people have a mix of both.

Aplix generally comes in one configuration and almost always allows for crossover tabs (center diaper).  The only diaper brand I can think of off the top of my head that is aplix and has a different arrangement is gDiapers, which velcros on the side and doesn't allow crossover tabs.

So many kinds of snaps! And one velcro.

Middle: ones&twos AIO. Clockwise from top: Kawaii GoodNight Heavy Wetter, Applecheeks, itti bitti, FuzziBunz, BumGenius Elemental, GroVia AIO, Swaddle in Cloth fitted, Goodmama GoodNight fitted

Snaps come in as many configurations as their are diaper brands. Some have crossover tabs, some don't. Some snap in front, some snap on the side. Some are arranged in a vertical row, some are arranged in a horizontal row, some in a triangle, some in a square, some in a parallelogram (I was going to say just kidding about that last one, but there probably really are snaps in that shape somewhere).  What does this mean? It means that if you don't like the way one diaper snaps, try a different one. Each snap pattern fits a different shape of baby differently, and some fit certain babies far better than others.


  • Longevity/durability: snaps last longer than aplix.
  • Baby-proof: snaps are more difficult for curious older babies and toddlers to undo, leading to less waking up to a diaper-less baby playing in their own poop (dude. it happens!).
  • Streamlined: snaps offer a "cleaner" look on the diaper and blend in better, or may be done in colors to enhance the look of the diaper.
  • Adjustability (some diapers only): some brands of snap diapers have snaps in a vertical row of two that allow the waist snaps and thigh snaps to be placed on different settings, accommodating a wide variety of body shapes that can be difficult to fit otherwise (for instance, you can have the waist snaps at the smallest setting while the thigh snaps are are the largest). See the blue Applecheeks in the picture above for an example.
  • Laundry: no extra step (no laundry tabs to affix).

  • Crossover snaps on a Goodmama


  • Speed: it takes longer to snap a diaper - important when time is at a premium with a toddler who won't lay still.
  • Difficulty: it can be more difficult to figure out the right snap settings on a diaper, particularly for babysitters/dads/grandparents/daycares who aren't as used to them, and particularly at night when you're trying to change a diaper after a week of not sleeping more than 30 minutes at a time. I often come home to find that whoever was watching her put it on a setting two or three snaps off what I would have used.
  • Customization: not all snap diapers offer crossover tabs, and you must choose pre-determined settings to snap the wings. If your child is between snap settings, it can be awkward trying to make it work. 

  • Side snaps on a GroVia all-in-one


  • Speed: attaching velcro takes seconds (a bonus on a wiggly baby).
  • Customization: because you can attach the velcro at any point on the velcro patch, you can get an extremely custom fit (compared to snaps, which you must make fit certain pre-determined points).
  • Familiarization: velcro diapers look most like disposables, which means they are less intimidating for those starting out or who aren't familiar with cloth diapers.
  • Ease: it's a cinch to close an aplix diaper, and they are great for babysitters or dads or grandparents or daycares.

  • Aplix and laundry tabs on a Blissful Booty pocket diaper


  • Looks: aplix generally comes in one color: white. It stands out and doesn't offer the streamlined look that snaps do (there are a few with colored aplix, like Tots Bots new ones). 
  • Wear: aplix wears out faster than velcro, and gets pilly. You can replace the aplix on most diapers, but it's an extra step that usually isn't required on snap diapers.
  • Destructive: if you aren't careful to fasten the laundry tabs perfectly every single time, the aplix can catch on the PUL of other diapers and cause snags. 
  • Easy to undo: some babies figure out how to undo velcro diapers quickly, leading to the aforementioned scenario of a diaper-less toddler playing with their poop in the crib.
  • Laundry: an extra step to washing (affixing laundry tabs).

    My personal solution to the old "snaps versus aplix" question is to have a variety of both. I have a number of aplix diapers that I save for babysitters and my husband and usually take these on the road with us (they're great for showing people how easy cloth diapering is!). I also have a number of snap diapers that I use, both because I like the fit and look of them, but also to last us longer and to be used when/if she figures out how to undo velcro.

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