Monday, April 2, 2012

Giveaway : Blissful Booty Perfect Pocket

Blissful Booty started out with sized all-in-one diapers that I LOVED for when my daughter was little. They were super soft (TPU instead of PUL) and had wonderful interior double gussets that were fantastic for containing breastfed baby poo, as well as elastic at the back AND front of the diaper (brilliant!). They felt very high quality as well. Unfortunately, she grew out of the XS, S, and M sizes by six months, and we had plenty of one-size diapers at that point so I didn't get any of the larger sizes.  In addition to a ton of other accessories, they offer fleece-topped stay-dry doublers that I love and still use to this day. 

Blissful Booty AIO

Blissful Booty recently rolled out a new product: the Perfect Pocket.  Cathy from Blissful Booty sent me one to check out, and a review will be coming later when I review a couple other new pockets at the same time and have had some time to really live with it and use it, but so far - thumbs up! In the meantime, you could win your own! We have one "electric mango" bright orange minky snap diaper to give to one lucky winner!

The prize!

Like the AIO version, the pocket has soft interior double gussets as well as front elastic (love this feature!), and is covered in either TPU or super soft minky, depending on the pattern or color you pick. The back pocket opening has elastic to keep the insert nice and contained.  The pockets come with one bamboo insert, which may not be enough if you have a heavy wetter like me, but Blissful Booty offers additional bamboo and microfiber inserts at a fair price if you need more.  The snap version looks to have plenty of settings as well as hip snaps to fit a variety of babies well.

Double gussets on my tester diaper
Front elastic on my tester diaper
 Elasticized back pocket on my tester

In addition to the pocket diaper and included bamboo insert, Cathy has provided an additional microfiber insert and one of their stay-dry doublers! With that combo, this diaper should have enough absorbency for ANY wetter.

The whole prize pack - the diaper, a bamboo insert, a microfiber insert, and a stay-dry doubler!

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