Thursday, April 19, 2012

No Two Diapers Are Alike

You often hear people say that you shouldn't invest heavily in one type of diaper or diaper system until you have had a chance to test it out first.  Just like a pair of jeans wouldn't fit you, your mom, your grandma, your best friend, and Beyonce the same (the magic jeans in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants excepted), a single diaper won't fit every baby the same. A diaper that works perfectly for your child might not be what works best for someone else.

Here's proof.

(Top to bottom: GroVia, FishNoodles, Alva, BumGenius size medium, 
BumGenius one-size, Tots Bots Easy Fit, AppleCheeks)

These are all diapers that are supposed to fit a baby in the same weight range. While the difference may not look pronounced in the above picture, here, with the location of the leg elastic marked, it's more obvious:

The top diaper, a GroVia all-in-one, is narrow through the legs and trim throughout.  The bottom diaper, an AppleCheeks, is wider between the legs and has a higher rise. Even the overall shape, seen below, is different: the Applecheeks is more square, and the GroVia is more triangular (or, if we're getting technical, more trapezoidal?).

Another look:

Somehow, both shapes work well on my 20 pound, 30" tall daughter, though I prefer the GroVias under jeans and pants. However, the shapes of the diapers are so very different that they may not work the same (or at all) on different babies. This is one reason experimentation is key if you aren't happy with your current diapers!

Here are three more diapers, stacked on top of each other with the right edge exactly lined up. (I'm not positive, but I believe it's a Sunbaby on top, a Blueberry in the middle, and a Tiny Tush Elite on the bottom).  Again, much different widths that may work very differently for different babies.

Conclusion? If you aren't happy with the fit of your diapers on your baby, try a different brand!


  1. Consider the size of your baby when choosing a cheap cloth diaper. This is where you might notice a difference. Some cloth diapers are very bulky and a preemie may not be comfortable with a diaper of that size. To find help and such good deals on cloth diapers you may visit as they give you numerous of suggested cloth diapers and other baby stuffs that just right for your baby.

  2. I like the pics you have in this post. The issue with size is so true. What I found surprising is that with my baby who is on the bigger side, what really worked was a very trim diaper like the GroVia. I guess initially I'd have thought big baby, big diaper - but we needed something narrow enough between the legs to give room for her chunky thighs!